The Importance of Images

The Eyes Have It

Images are powerful, they can convey thoughts, ideas, or events to which words alone sometimes cannot do justice.

The visual sense is tightly bound to memory, so a page that includes well executed pictures will typically have more time spent engaging with the content.

Control Variation

Photo of Jason increased conversion by 48%

The goal of the A/B test above (run by ‘Visual Website Optimizer’ for Jason Thompson’s blog ‘EmptyMind’  – May 18th, 2011), was to test visits to Jason’s contact page. By using a professionally executed photo of himself, rather than a graphic of a telephone, he achieved his goal of getting more people to visit his contact page.

[NW link=””]Scientific tests[/NW] have proven that your focus is subconsciously drawn, to the image of a human face. Plus independent testing has also shown, that a photo of a human face on your website instantly increases conversion rates.

So why is it that so many, don’t think professionally, about the use of imagery?

Is it due to:

  • Lack of time
  • Cost
  • Don’t see the need
  • Needing guidance

What are your reasons? Please let me know in the comments section below:

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