Are WordPress Premium Themes Up To Speed?

How fast is your WordPress Theme?

I read a very interesting article on testing the database speed and efficiency of WordPress Premium Themes by web development company foliovision titled What’s wrong with paid WordPress Themes: WooThemes vs ElegantThemes where foliovision says:

There’s a lot of talk about how professional paid themes are in comparison to free themes. It’s not what we’ve found. Cutline, Twenty Ten and Oulipo are all much better coded than any theme we’ve found at WooThemes or

As I own a number of Premium WordPress Themes and Frameworks, I decided to do some basic speed testing for myself using foliovision’s recommended plugin WPDB Profiling.

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Here are my test results. [continue reading…]


The Importance of Images

The Eyes Have It

Images are powerful, they can convey thoughts, ideas, or events to which words alone sometimes cannot do justice.

The visual sense is tightly bound to memory, so a page that includes well executed pictures will typically have more time spent engaging with the content. [continue reading…]


Don’t abuse your trust

Rick Astley

Joost de Valk (aka Yoast) a respected WordPress SEO expert, sent a false link to his Twitter followers. Click Here to Read More